Reinhold Friedrich
Reinhold Friedrich is one of Europe’s most renowned trumpet players and pedagogues. Since 1989 Professor at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Karlsruhe, Germany, Friedrich is prize-winner of the international ARD competition and has played and performed across the world with a variety of orchestras such as Capriccio Basel, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Wiener Symphoniker, Royal Concertgebouw or the Taiwan National Symphony. Friedrich is an outstanding pedagogue who is appearing regularly at masterclasses around the world and captivates students with his authentic, unique way of teaching.


Reinhold Friedrich in Sillico, Solo Warm Up Program
Get a rare insight and many tips and details of how a world renowned trumpet soloist warms up.
47 Min • 822 MB
Lip buzz
Mouthpiece buzz
Chicowitz study
Walter M. Smith Study
Chromatic Exercises
Clark 4
Scales with articulation- Collins
Stamp 1, bending exercises


Reinhold Friedrich in Sillico, Group Warm Up
Warm up the best possible way- in a group led by Reinhold Friedrich. Attach your loudspeakers to your computer and play.
33 Min • 588 MB
Reinhold Friedrich in Sillico, Masterclass 1, Tomasi Concerto
World renowned trumpet soloist Reinhold Friedrich teaches Tomasi Concerto
33 Min • 605 MB
Reinhold Friedrich in Sillico, Masterclass 2, Honegger, Intrada
Reinhold Friedrich in Sillico, Masterclass 2, Honegger, Intrada
22 Min • 405 MB


Reinhold Friedrich in Sillico, Interview
In this interview Reinhold shares his thoughts about life as a musician, as a teacher, equipment and much more.
32 Min • 563 MB


Friedrich Bundle
Get all Friedrich videos and save 33 % and get the Interview for FREE.
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167 Min • 2.7 GB